Wizard101 Efreet Spell

Ever wonder about wizard 101?    Well there are cool spells like Efreet. To gain this spell you need to be a fire school wizard, and defeat quests from your teacher. There are different schools. These schools contain fire, ice, storm, death, myth,life, and finally, balance. you get a school by taking the test, or skipping the test. When you skip the test you get to choose any school of your choice!

What Efreet does
Efreet deals 875 damage to fire, and a 90 percent weakness. Different schools get different spells to their school. A weakness is something that makes the target do less damage to attacking spells. This spell attacks only one enemy. Other spells can attack every enemy. You can never use a spell that attacks two or three enemies. You achieve this spell at level 58 fire school.




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